Six basic designs of flower arrangement

16 aprilie 2008
The design is based on colored looks, the independent model formed by more than of two main fact one. All of three main fact one stand upright, is the normality of the flowers and trees, is the biological basic state too, the preceding main branch at this moment, that is that behaves " The colored looks " Persons who know most.
Ancient cloud have artistic conception of temperament and interest until " whether wine have a taste of what is just in season familiar with, when it is half-open for flower to award " most life often . The flower when being half-open, is the gold period of a flower. Probably from 30 degrees of centres, it is fickle in love to see a little, implicit and moving. When the petal drives and leaves 60 degrees of centres "  The whole one " Or " opened fully "  ,It is that a flower is the most gorgeous the most grand while holding. But has reached about 65 degrees, life drives the flower to limit, while just withering. Plant reach from 65 of centre for standing, opening degree most big generally.
China Flower Arrangement three main fact one is held and shutting the phenomenon exactly similar to petal. Have an invisible it between three main fact one "  The central point "  Yes, it is the spiritual of the colored looks.
Three main fact pieces of at odds with the community or the leadership most large angle add up to 180, half-open for nine ten. Each one is left "  The heart " Might not the average when opening by angle,but because not last mix of mobility actual need of branch, if enable 65 degrees, when being then a piece of 45 degrees of guest, main fact is a piece of 30 degrees, can’t cross this degree. Otherwise at odds with the community or the leadership and too far, the whole structure is easy to be fluffy, unable and declining.
If three main branch confirm other clump branch if angle heavy a bit, unlikely to hurt whole imposing manner and skeleton even. In three main fact one, make a trends greatest, the image is most obvious, so, from enabling the dynamic posture of one, can understand the dynamic consciousness of the works. Can divide six basic designs according to this: Standing upright type, sloping type, flat appearing type, hanging upside down type, tiling type, comprehensive type,etc.. Outline is as follows:
First, standing upright type: Also called " the real type flower " ,Make one honest, slope 30 degrees at most, there are compositions such as grand, magnificent, gentle, reason,etc., generally used in the proper or grand occasion. The colored looks expression is with the main fact one, with making one clearly show most. ??
Second, sloping type: Also called " the walking type flower " ,Make one oblique while appearing 30 degree to 60 degree, its content and form are balanced, contain mediating, weak, leisurely, lovely and beautiful speciality, giving somebody the happy sense, generally used in the room or daily life.
Third, flat appearing type, are also called " the grass type flower " ,Relatively free and easy, make a piece of lines have strong sensation of movement, appear to 60 degree to 90 degree obliquly, the aesthetic feeling consciousness of the there is bold and unrestrained and dissolute, going on a punitive expedition and swirling type, the content is better than the form, individual character or trends are strong, often used in special places such as the study, exhibiting the field, get-together,etc..
Fourth, person who hang upside down, mean piece do oblique to offer and lower than device one form of mouth, clever person who move strong than flat person who appear, there are personalities of going around, sounding out, levying, taking risks, fishing for, struggling etc., consciousness of surviving is very strong, daily with the hanging, or special model.
Fifth, tiling type, it is the branch and leaf that depend on the earth or surface of water, not a kind of form to the towering intention of space, contentment brings happiness after behaving, the just aesthetic feeling that have not wanted. Its characteristic regards " flat far " of the second degree of space as the purport of displaying.
Sixth, comprehensive type, get various change and use synthetically at being.
The perfection of a work appears, not merely the imposing manner of skeleton is steady and enough, say vulgarly " It is difficult for the persons who arrange flowers to insert it efficaciously"  ,Efficacious tendency its, at lie in space arrange, from timid aerial cloth tendency, its deep but empty fairy side wonderful. This must possess three far: Gao Yuan , flat to be far, far-reaching, three scenes: Level of the prospect, medium shot, background. So-called " three scene possess, scenery thick; Three scenes are clearly demarcated, the scenery is clear. " "Three is far from enough, the depth of field is not thick; Three interlocks far, sparkling and crystal-clear " . Stated if can in accordance with having, see through diligently, the difficult people of a wonderful work that becomes on day

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