23 iunie 2008
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     Someone says, it is very good to get married; Someone says, know that does not marry early so.

     Why anyone say marriage well, anyone say, get married getting kindly? This choose to looking like by one that having with! Some images live, after really marrying him! Just find he is not that kind of person living. And some people have just opposite situation.

     When boys proposed getting married! The girl should usually consider very long time, this is very normal. It is so interesting now because it is impossible to look like after getting married, shoulder the responsibility for the other side . May still distrust this boy! If believe in, the boy becomes once mentioning marriage and usually setting up horses.     And when the girl proposed getting married! Usually few, girls are generally all very restrained. When the girl really proposed getting married, must generally fall in love with you, afraid of losing you.

     Probably someone will ask such a big person, should get married too. The boy usually answers in this way: "Can not I still support oneself now? Get married for her after I will be rich afterwards. "     The girl will answer too usually: "He can not afford to raise me at all, it is no good to follow him. "
     Think about it either girl,etc. after the rich,have she pedalled suring you, look for not more beautiful.    The woman thinks about it too, if you look for that rich one, usually this kind of people is very fickle in love, ,etc. after after being the irritated for you,too be what you pedal. It is the rich it is the getting fickle in more love might not too after change the fickle in love,because they the rich, various social lives are many to come in and go out, the ones that certainly will change after time is long are very fickle in love.      Remember " becomes bad if the man is rich " Gold carves jade law, this kind of probability can be in order to be up to 99%. Do not believe, you can have a try.   

      It look for it should let those by live,live, last difficult years’ with you. A friend in need is a friend indeed! See some celebrities, like Mr. and Mrs. Chou En-lai, Mr. and Mrs. Sun Yat-sen, is the exemplary couple. Someone will say when ‘s thing is that, because pace of social development can think these issue with eyes in the past now, too. But the marriage of going through thick and thin together is usually very firm. If can’t confirm the other side’s moral standing then forms and touches in longer time and he, not clear each other after time is long?  But with the present society, you must look for the well-matched in social and economic status one, you see this certain joke, I. Why should be well-matched in social and economic status before, but also well-matched in social and economic status now? This certainly getting well-matched in social and economic status, if one of you it comes from to be rich house son, one is cold pieces of show of boudoir. After marrying, the picture is consumed correctly, buy something, spend something, the opinion is certain to be different. It is so in the past a bit longer, the contradiction was certain to appear, the man will be certain to be irritated then, these are 99% of the possibility. The woman will not put forward, if it is to reach the stage that can’t be born of bearing to put forward that. What I said is right! Write this by virtue of time, it is helpful to everybody to hope. If I who say am right that there is that to have, can get in touch with me. Have not I got married yet?
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